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It is Coming

October 14, 2008
Steadily Approaching

Steadily Approaching

It is nearly here.

The silence before the storm…
So quiet now.

I am afraid to breath.

In such stillness, even the weakest of sounds could reverberate into a rage.

Echoes from the past start filling my dreams.
Dreams of destruction, chaos, and ruin.

Echoes of Doom.

It is coming.

I am an European player, and oddly enough, although our day starts before it does in the U.S, we get our patch one day later. Which is for the best in my opinion, since it gives us another day where the folks from Blizzard can discover last minute bits of trouble and get them fixed.

The famous patch 3.0.2 is already deployed in America (I think), and is coming tomorrow to Europe (and the rest of the world?) as well. I suspect I might be pretty busy checking the new things, from the talents, through the barbershop and UI features, to the achievement system.
Aye, I’m going to keep myself pretty busy.

Which might hold me from writing around here, so I thought I’d leave a note. In any case, it is only a matter of a couple of days, until I feel I’m standing once again on a ground I am familiar with.

I will try to start an introduction to the Holy Priest skill sooner than later, but I can’t promise anything.