Healing Inspection

In World of Warcraft, there are three main roles.
Tanking, DPSing and Healing.

Everybody likes to blow things apart, that’s why we never lack DPS.
People are starting to like taking some heat, that’s why the tank population is increasing.
But what about ’em healers?

Perhaps the most demanding role to play, and they have yet to receive their promised overhaul.

I decided to raise this glove, and try to come up with new skills for healers, in order to make their game more interesting.

In this article, I summarize all my blog posts of the topic of healing, which I have named healing inspection. From quickly analyzing how the different healing classes work, to new skills they might enjoy.

healing-inspection-logoFrom Start to End: What did we Cover?

Introduction to Heals

The Four Healsmen

Healing Niches

Overview in Wrath of the Lich King (slightly outdated due to Beta changes since the time of writing).

New Skills

The Thought Behind the Thing

It all started when I decided to come up with healing skills that could come in handy for the next expansion. I really don’t know if that is what I have achieved, as many thoughts have gathered in my mind since.

When I’m looking back at what I’ve done, I’m seeing 5 new skills for healers, all very circumstantial. And this brings me to think – maybe an interesting healing game is one where the player has many options to choose from, and he must pick the right one for the right situation?

Time will tell us what the guys from Blizzard are thinking.

To End from Start

This is where my blog’s second series of posts comes to an end.

If you read the entire thing, congratulations. If you haven’t, I hope this summary can help you around.

As usual, thoughts/comments/credit-card-numbers are more than welcome (*smile*).


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