Escape Mechanics

PvP is a game of cat and mouse. Some classes give chase, others try to escape. Both try to bring the other side down, but in a slightly different way.

This article is a summary of a series of blog posts I have titled Escaping the Crowds, where I have analyzed abilities different classes have to help them escape battle. For the reader’s ease, I have gathered all the posts to a single source.

Following are links to the different posts, feel free to browse.

What does this Article Cover?

Introduction: What is this escape thing about?

Class Specific Escapism:

The following posts each give a rundown of abilities each class has to help her last longer in battle, either by enduring damage or escaping it. The first posts are a little less thorough, but I tried to improve in the following ones (*grin*).

New Class Abilities:

This section is about new abilities I have invented that are meant to address the problems brought up during analysis. Purely fictional, I tried to tailor those to each class’ needs, but every bit of feedback is very welcome.

What I didn’t Cover

Classes that belong to the cat category were not given a new ability for obvious reasons. I didn’t come up with something new for the Druids not because I don’t like them (I even play one), but because as things currently stand, they are one of the most resilient classes in PvP.

To the Reader

I’d be happy to answer any questions, and reply to every feedback and comment. Please feel free to use either the commenting system within each post, or just comment down here.

Happy reading!


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