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Mad about Herbs

November 14, 2008
*pick pick pick*

*pick pick pick*

There are two reasons why I am deviating from the topic I started previously. Wrath of the Lich King, and… Herbs.

Yesterday, I picked up my Wrath copy, and have been glued to my computer ever since. While I did take some breaks for the bear essentials, I did pass most of my time either in the Howling Fjords or following the (most excellent) Death Knight starter quest chain.

So far, this expansion is something extraordinary. I did enjoy The Burning Crusade very much, but on Northrend everything seems much more enjoyable.

The freshness in the air, it is truly exhilarating. Everything is taken as something that was never seen before, and the key word is fun. Quests, fights, professions… Everything is so much fun!

I’ve been playing on my Dwarven Hunter for quite a bit, but haven’t leveled past 70 yet. I think I did like 40 quests so far, and also ran through Utgarde Keep once, which brought me to 90% to level 71 or so. As a short break, I started a brand new Death Knight (also a Dwarf, because they just rule), and the quest chain until you join the forces of the Alliance is non-arguably one of the best the game has to offer. It ends with a movie-style ~2 minute scene which should never be missed, that even has voice acting!

What was it that prevented me from questing further, and reaching levels never seen before? The answer is often green, and has often a strong smell. No, it is not a filthy Horde Orc. The answer is herbs. But why did I prioritize herbs over experience?

Because I’m mad about herbs.

Want to know more?



Secret Agent Gnome

August 10, 2008
Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

Or, Mission: Angor Fortress.

It is time again for a more relaxed post, no analysis or innovation, just a casual story.

And for the second time, I will recount the adventures of Stifado, the Rogue and part-time secret agent.

Secret Agent? Is that a new hero class?

Not quite. Stifado is simply an adventurous adventurer (how typical…), and he likes sneaking around. He actually sneaks so much that he regards himself as a covert operative for SI:7, but they don’t know it yet.

And Stifado has been ordered for a missions once again. And when I say ordered, I do mean he overheard some conversation, interpreted it by his personal whims, packed his dagger and hit the road. Lockboxes were mentioned, and also Dark Iron Dwarves.

Very bad business.

But Stifado will save the day. Or at least try.


Slowing Down the Motion

August 3, 2008
Sooooo Slooooow

Sooooo Slooooow

I’m thinking. There’s no need to rush things. No need to be inventive 24/7 (not that it is the current state of things, but nevertheless). One should take his time.

Moreover, I’m having an AI exam soon, and no, that’s not Arcane Intellect. I’m referring to Artificial Intelligence.

You don’t want to know, trust me.

So I take it a bit easier with the whole analysis thing, at least until the end of next week. But while I’m at it, why not change the pace in general? If I’m going to write up a new ability every few days, I’ll eventually run brain-cell dry.

I need to keep up some reserves.

So I decided to make a little change. Instead of allocating each and every entry to analysis and innovation, I’ll introduce some other stuff as well. Stuff more casual maybe. Give a little of my own experience, instead of just thoughts.

Now that’s a good one.

So, on a lighter note, let me recount you the tale of some gnomish Rogue.