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Prophet: Foreseeing Greater Deeds

December 6, 2008
What Does the Future Hold?

What Does the Future Hold?

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

Allow me to apologize for the long time it takes to bring up those posts. Quite surprisingly, it is a lengthy process to invent all those achievement names, and I sometimes find myself stuck several days before anything worthy comes to my mind.

Plus, I have also been caught up with the flu for a few days during the week (*sad panda face*).

Anyways, I have finally completed the task, and compiled a list of achievements for the Priest class.

So far, this has been the hardest post to write, which is something of a mystery to me. From what I have seen on Wowhead, Priests have the least number of skills in comparison to Druids, Hunters or Paladins, yet it was pretty hard to finish up this post.

The reason? As I’ve said, it is a mystery of sorts, but I do have some speculations. Priests have a vast number of healing skills, which I find harder to invent achievements for. In addition, all their skill names are, well, holy-like, and hard to word-play with.

And that’s another reason why it took longer than the usual.

Oh, and for those who have no idea what I am speaking off – I am a blogger on a mission to come up with class specific achievements for all the classes. My goal in mind is that when a player completes all those given achievements, he will be granted his special class-specific title.

For the Priest, this title will be, the Prophet.

And here’s what he must accomplish to get it.



Escaping the Crowds: The End

September 3, 2008

On the 24th of July, I started a post regarding PvP. More specifically, I decided to talk about what abilities different class specs have to avoid any sort of damage while fighting others.

I didn’t think it would take so long to cover, and didn’t realize how much work it would entail. With 30 main specs, and hundreds of abilities and talents, I was quickly overwhelmed by the abundance of information.

I hope I still managed to give a glimpse of the options, and a taste of the balance.

Yesterday, the 2nd of September, I posted the last part of this long series of posts. It is now done, obviously not complete (there is yet much more to discuss), but it satisfies my initial purpose. I actually had first in mind just a few posts, but it ended to be much more. As I said, there was much more information than I could initially guess.

So, as I was surprised by the options while writing this, I hope that you learned something new along the way. If you weren’t, kudos to being much more experienced than me (*two thumbs up*).

That’s it then, one subject is done, and I am free for the next. To those who missed some of the posts, not to worry! I have summarized the entire series into a single page (where all the links can be easily found). You can either navigate there using the links on the right, or simply press here.

What’s on the horizon? Something quite different, and no longer PvP oriented.

Patience young apprentice.

There is an exihilrating sentiment when goals are achieved. I like that. It is however sad, that this sentiment can only be achieved once. I suppose that, for this reason, people keep setting goals for themselves.

Even More than Meets the Eye

August 13, 2008
More within the Eye

More within the Eye

Yesterday I have reviewed a couple of aspects of PvP that might not be considered that important at first. Aspects that can be regarded as lesser, but can be seen in retrospect as the pivot point of numerous battles. We have seen how buffs, debuffs and the way both can be removed have a much larger impact than simply enhancing the team’s strength and/or reducing the opponent’s.

If that wasn’t enough, it looks like there are a few more such aspects of PvP, that are even more than what meets the eye.

Relating to the picture I chose for this post, I’d just like to give the proper respect to M.C Escher (no, he’s not a rapper), who excels in drawing pictures that are always much more than they initially seem.

Lastly, before I proceed, I’d like to ensure the Priests among us that the next post will indeed be dedicated to them this time. So there is something to stick around for.

Having put art and my conscious in turmoil aside, let us go beyond the eye.


More than Meets the Eye

August 12, 2008
Looks can be Deceiving

Looks can be Deceiving

I’d like to apologize for not continuing with the Priest analysis today, but I was feeling it was going a bit too fast. My plan is to “release” a new ability every 4-5 days, or I’ll probably run out of ideas (and out of work) sooner than expected.

So to gain some precious time, I’d like to talk about something that isn’t exactly related, but isn’t exactly far away from our topic either.

In PvP combat, there is more than meets the eye.

For the last two weeks, I have gone through abilities that Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins and yesterday also Priests, have to avoid damage while fighting (either complete avoidance, or delaying it by gaining time etc.). But I have realized this is only one portion of PvP, and that there is much more that we don’t always think about immediately.

In other words, while escapism is a big factor, we cannot deny others, which can affect the outcome of the battle just as well.

Let’s dive into the glacial water and see this iceberg’s bottom.


Escaping the Crowds

July 24, 2008


New: The whole series is now summarized in a single page. You can see it here.

Wrath Beta is on the way. There is a ton of information flowing, anywhere you look. You can try and avoid it if you like, but you’ll never escape some whines. Some people whine so hard, you can hear them everywhere.

And oh, there seem to be alot people whine about.

But this isn’t about those people. This is about one of the topic they discuss.

I think a good place to start discussing balance in the game, is in PvP. Where players bash, dodge, counter-bash and counter-dodge each other, since the creation of the world (of Warcraft of course).

So PvP is about making sure your opponent bites the dust before you, and you have more or less two ways to increase your odds in doing that.

  1. Call forth the elements of destruction to your side, and make sure you are done with your foe as quickly as possible.
  2. Pray for the spirits of protection, hoping they’ll make you survive longer than the enemy.

Today (and in the upcoming days I think), I’d like to talk about what’s behind curtain number two.


Crowding for Control, the saga continues…

July 22, 2008

“A blogger is never late, he writes precisely when he means to”

Well, actually I personally discovered that writing a Blog requires more time than it appears. A post every 3 days is not exactly what I’m aiming for, we’ll have to see how things roll in the upcoming time.

Now, back to our topic, the crowd control of different classes. I detailed what TBC currently has in stock, let us review what the future holds.


Crowding for Control

July 19, 2008
None shall pass !

None shall pass !

You’re very popular, and you surely have a great crowd by now. Only problem is, you can’t actually control it, or maybe, control it well enough.

It all depends on how much class you got, or differently put, on your class.

Why ? Let me refine, shall I ?

Forgetting Wrath of the Lich King for a moment, its nifty new abilities, and the chilling new class of death knight, let us see what toys some got to play with.