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On Hold

January 8, 2009


I know, it has been quite a while now.

I said it will, but days turned to weeks, and weeks accumulated to even more weeks.

At the moment, I have a tad more things to do than the usual, and I just can’t find the time to keep posting around. I mean, I could post about mundane topics, but I was always the type to do things right.

I actually came up with all the names for the Shaman achievements, but can’t dedicate myself to patch things up into a post. Work, hobbies and studies keep sucking all my time.

But this is simply a tap on the pause key. I’ll get back to play.

I just need some time off. Sorry guys, and see you soon I hope.


Still Here

December 15, 2008

Just a quick hop-by to say: I’m still here, and the next post is still in the making.

I’m just more occupied lately.
But it’s still coming, maybe even tomorrow.

Patch Loving

October 20, 2008


I have been absent for a little while, and I already feel sort of rusty.

Luckily, with today’s chemistry/technology/et cetera, rust is something that can easily come off. And if not, we can always cover it with a layer of paint.

So… Where was I?

In the new lands of Azeroth of course!
Since the Echoes of Doom have swept over the face of the world, wailing like foreboding spirits, everything is looking a little different. And by different, I mean it in a good way (mostly good anyways).

I have been touring much of the old, but it actually feels new now. I have marveled at new options, new powers, new skills and new possibilities. I have been reliving what existed for ages, and am enjoying every moment of it.

For those who have been living in a cave (truly, some fresh air will do you some good), a new content patch has gone live. It is a preparation for the arrival of the Lich King, and it offers an extremely large amount of new features.

I will not be covering those options, for that is already old news. What I do want to tell is what I mostly like about the things that have changed.

After I’m done (and by that I mean in another post), I will return to my bread-winning business – inventing stuff.

But first, 10 things I love about you, mister patch.


It is Coming

October 14, 2008
Steadily Approaching

Steadily Approaching

It is nearly here.

The silence before the storm…
So quiet now.

I am afraid to breath.

In such stillness, even the weakest of sounds could reverberate into a rage.

Echoes from the past start filling my dreams.
Dreams of destruction, chaos, and ruin.

Echoes of Doom.

It is coming.

I am an European player, and oddly enough, although our day starts before it does in the U.S, we get our patch one day later. Which is for the best in my opinion, since it gives us another day where the folks from Blizzard can discover last minute bits of trouble and get them fixed.

The famous patch 3.0.2 is already deployed in America (I think), and is coming tomorrow to Europe (and the rest of the world?) as well. I suspect I might be pretty busy checking the new things, from the talents, through the barbershop and UI features, to the achievement system.
Aye, I’m going to keep myself pretty busy.

Which might hold me from writing around here, so I thought I’d leave a note. In any case, it is only a matter of a couple of days, until I feel I’m standing once again on a ground I am familiar with.

I will try to start an introduction to the Holy Priest skill sooner than later, but I can’t promise anything.

Back Home

October 10, 2008
Home is where this Sign is

Home is where this Sign is

That’s it!
Finita la commedia!
I am back home.

The trip is over. It was great fun, both in France and in Italy. But every good thing must come to an end, and less than a couple of hours ago, I have landed back in my home country.

Before you have a chance to ask, I am not going to disclose any further information about it, other than it is where I currently live. Perhaps the wise can somehow deduce it.

So it is back to the routine, which is not something I look forward to at the moment, but on the bright side, I will have more time for WoW and blogging (*smile*).

Lot’s of thing to organize now, so no further new skill at the moment, but soon.

Home is where you’re most understood, or feel the exact opposite.

Monde de Warcraft

October 3, 2008

And that’s French for… You guessed it.

The vacation continues, and from Napoli I have flown today to Nice (France), through Rome. Flight has been delayed, so the day has basically been an airport nuisance kind of adventure. But like World of Warcraft adventures, this quest had a nice reward at the end, in the form of a superb dinner in a French restaurant.

French NPCs sure have their cooking skill topped (*wink*).

Anyways, I still got posts in the making, but traveling seems to take a lot of time, so I find my availability rather scarce of late… Nevertheless, posts shall be posted, albeit a bit slower than the usual (nothing of nothing is still nothing comes to mind…).

À plus tard (tr: Laters).

Mondo di Warcraft

September 27, 2008

That’s World of Warcraft in Italian.

Because I have switched from my normal den to quest a little in Italy, for vacation. More specifically, I am currently grinding hotels and restaurants in Napoli, trying to get well fed and well rested.

The Skill Laboratory will continue to host invented information, time and internet access permitting. I am hopping and roaming from one point of internet to another, so I will attempt to post as much as I can.

Arrivederci per ora (tr: Goodbye for now).

Delay and Occupation

September 21, 2008
Blasted Boar What?

Worth 2XP a Piece

Blasted Boar Ribs!

That’s my new exclamation shout. Whenever I’m excited, upset or angry, there is a fair chance I’m going to cry it out loud, at least once. You probably don’t want to know how exactly I came up with it, so we’ll leave it in Pandora’s Box for now.

I suppose I should give a brief explanation why there’s an exclamation.
Okay then.

There is never enough time. I think someone is maniacally laughing down at us from above, as we are helplessly trying to fit too many task in each day, each week, and in each and every larger time-frame scale. And I find myself once again with less time than the quantity of things I want to do.

I am delayed by my other occupations. And while I don’t necessarily favor them over blogging, they still deny me precious time.


I have outlined the new abilities for all the other healers now, but I need more time to formulate some stuff, and give arguments to my decisions. I’ll probably not have time to write tomorrow, but I hope you can read about the Paladin’s new spell on Tuesday.

It will be called – All Under Heaven.

Blasted Boar Ribs!

A Forumal Break

September 7, 2008
Hunt For'em

Hunt For'em

Expect the unexpected they say, but that is hardly something we can expect really. And the unexpected surprises us more often than it doesn’t.

The plan was to keep working on new healing stuff, but things keep coming in the way.

Yesterday it was the guild bank getting busted into, today the WoW Forums are to blame. I got carried away reading Hunter changes, and had a strong urge to write things of my own. I have been playing Survival for quite some time now, and I thought I could share some of my opinion.

So I wrote some feedback on the new talent trees. That took me a bit of time, and as time is currently still sequential, it was time I couldn’t invest here.

And then I got carried away with suggesting new glyphs… Which took even more time.

So, no post today due to lack of time, but to prove I did write something, you can have a look at the European Hunter Forums: Here and there.

Let’s hope that the next post will be, unexpectedly, as expected (*smile*).

Emptied in the Night

September 6, 2008
Banking ltd.

Banking ltd.

Stop them! Call the authorities! Thieves! Scoundrels! Muggers! Stop them!

But to no avail, the cultprist are gone, and the vault is now empty. In other words, somebody busted into our guild bank, during the night. 6 tabs of consumables, crafting materials, quest items, uncommon gear and many rare valuables are now gone, lost somewhere in the auction house or the bottomless pockets of vendor NPCs.


Who’s to blame? Keyloggers most probably. Whoever withdrew all the items was one of the guild’s officers (non officers have limited bank access), and a short armory investigation proved that he has been stripped from all his gear as well.

What happend exactly? Somewhere during the night, the hijacked officer diligently emptied each and every guild tab, leaving only items that have no vendor value and couldn’t be sold quickly over the trade channel (such as low level enchanting mats). Additionally, the hacker seems to be pretty smart, for he also promoted some John Doe to the highest possible rank – a future Torjan Horse mayhap?

In any case, Game Masters have been contacted, and the entire crime is now under investigation. I am not sure if they can reimburse the guild, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Who’s the blame? The thief, or the society which encourages him?