On Hold



I know, it has been quite a while now.

I said it will, but days turned to weeks, and weeks accumulated to even more weeks.

At the moment, I have a tad more things to do than the usual, and I just can’t find the time to keep posting around. I mean, I could post about mundane topics, but I was always the type to do things right.

I actually came up with all the names for the Shaman achievements, but can’t dedicate myself to patch things up into a post. Work, hobbies and studies keep sucking all my time.

But this is simply a tap on the pause key. I’ll get back to play.

I just need some time off. Sorry guys, and see you soon I hope.



One Response to “On Hold”

  1. Horax Says:

    Good posts so far,

    I’ll take a look from time to time to see if you’re back

    Enjoy the break

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