Bringing a New War

Bringing It Further

Bringing It Further

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

Right, so it seems my post are going to be a bit more scarce in the upcoming time.

The reason? Well, I suppose Wrath of the Lich King is somewhat to blame (status: my Hunter is currently level 77), but also the fact that coming up with ideas for so many names is a tasking task.

You do however receive a high-quality post, and you do know that quality is better than quantity, right? Right?!

Yes well, that’s my excuse anyways, and that’s what you got.

So, back to topic. I am still working on achievements. This post is number five, in a series that should reach the total of ten posts (10 classes, 10 posts). This time, it is the Warrior that is getting my attention. It is the Warrior that is challenged with various missions, if he wishes to be known as the one that bring forth war, or more simply put, the Warbringer.

I know, some of the ideas are not as original as I would like them to be, but really, it is getting harder and harder to come up with something that is new. This is related to the fact that I have already invented over 50 different achievement, and the innovation pool is running dry.

Yet, somehow, somewhere, within this list, there are some achievements worthy for true Warriors, and come the day they might exist, those fighters will venture forth and try to complete them.

All Kinds of Warriors

Some Warriors like it safe, some have a fetish for weapons, while others are just angry all the time. But it doesn’t matter all that much, for there is a common core to all Warriors, a shared collective knowledge they all have.

Yet while they all know it, can they prove it?

Here is the list of all achievements, that every Warrior worth his salt should attempt to gain.

The Naked and the Dead

In any PvP environment, kill an enemy player after reducing his armor to zero.

This achievement requires applying Sunder Armor several times, before killing the enemy. It’ll probably only work on cloth wearers though.

I Rend, Your End

In PvP environment –

  • Prevent a Rogue from entering Stealth mode, by using Rend.
  • Have the periodic damage of Rend kill an enemy player.

A two requirement achievement, where the damage effect of Rend needs to unstealth a Rogue, and kill an enemy. If the Rogue dies as he tries to stealth, you got it cheap.

Caged Rage

Kill a level 80 or higher elite enemy, while keeping your rage below 100 at all times.

This achievement requires the Warrior to keep an eye on his rage bar, and keep using abilities before he reaches 100 rage. To complete it, he doesn’t have to fight alone, or either be the enemy’s target (yet not stand like a wuss on the side).
Once achieved, it leads to Rage Like a Machine.

Rage Like a Machine

While being the only source of damage, kill a level 80 or higher elite enemy, while keeping your rage above 0 and below 100 at all times.

Slightly harder than Caged Rage, this achievement requires the Warrior to be taking the hits from the enemy (but he can still be healed). It also requires the Warrior to keep at least some rage at all times.

Prancing Like a Pony

In any instanced boss encounter, use both Charge, Intercept and Intervene within the same combat.

Not much to add.

Don’t Say a Word

Interrupt the casting of 50 enemy players, of 150 enemy creatures, and of 5 raid bosses.

A cumulative achievement that encourages using Shield Bash or Pummel to interrupt spell casting. Once the target is interrupted, the respective counter increases, but only once per target (even if it is interrupted several times).

Have Revenge in This Life, Not the Next

  • Land a killing blow on any instance boss, using Revenge.
  • Get killed while your Revenge ability is available.

We’re trying to encourage the use of Revenge, so we’ll show the Warrior it can be used to kill, but also try to teach him to activate the ability as soon as he can, or risk dying (in other words – the second part of the achievement is received if the Warrior died before being able to use the skill).

You Called Down the Thunder, Now Reap the Whirlwind

Kill 4 enemies within 5 seconds from each other, using Whirlwind, while they are all affected by Thunder Clap.

This achievement goes like this – Thunder Clap several enemies, switch to Berserker’s Stance, bring the health of everyone down, then end their suffering with Whirlwind before the debuff fades.

Saved by the Yell

In any raid boss encounter, have your Commanding Shout grant an ally an amount of additional health, that without it he wouldn’t have survived some attack.

Wording is tricky, and I will explain – during combat, if any ally is wounded then has his remaining health equal the amount granted by Commanding Shout, we could say that the buff saved him. In such case, the achievement is complete.

Kill Frenzy

Kill 20 enemies in a row, striking each but the first using Victory Rush.

For this achievement, the Warrior must be on the move all the time, as he has to find his next target before his Victory Rush is no longer available. Also, all targets must grant experience or honor.

Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Land a killing blow on 10 enemy players while they are under the effect of Hamstring.

Pretty straightforward – there is no place to run to.

The Bodyguard

In any instanced or PvP encounter, prevent the death of an ally using Intervene, 5 times.

For this achievement to record, the Warrior must intervene an ally that would have otherwise been struck to death. Can be on different sessions.

Right Back At’Cha!

Kill 3 enemy players by having their spell reflected back at them.

The killing blow must be by the reflected spell, cast by the enemy player.

Drop Down Your Weapon!

Disarm an enemy using each of the following weapons – 1h axe, 2h axe, dagger, 1h mace, 2h mace, polearm, staff, 1h sword and 2h sword.

This achievement requires using disarm a total of 9 times. If enemy creatures don’t hold the information of the type of weapon they use, this is going to be a PvP achievement.

The Executioner

Use Execute as a killing blow on each of the existing mob types, and all the player classes.

Requires using execute in PvP on all the 10 classes, and in PvE on all the 8 mob types (beast, demon, dragonkin, elemental, giant, humanoid, undead and unknown).

Two For the Price of One

Kill two enemies at the same time, with Cleave.

The two must have their health reduced to 0 by the same Cleave attack.

Keeping Moral Low

Reduce enemy attack power by a total of 150,000 through Demoralizing Shout.

Yet another cumulative achievement, that tracks the total of reduced attack power. Once it reaches the goal – ka’ching.

The Center of Attention

  • Force a total of 250 enemies to change their target using Taunt or Mocking Blow.
  • Force 15 enemies to attack you at once using Challenging Shout. At least half the enemies must have another target before the shout.

The first part simply requires using Taunt on enemies that are not attacking the Warrior. The second part requires pulling many, then, while at least half the enemies are concentrating on targets that are not the Warrior himself, use Challenging Shout.

That’s Got to Hurt

Using 3 special attacks, reduce the health of an enemy player by at least 60% of his total health.

For this achievement the Warrior should use Recklessness, then strike with his most damaging attacks. The counter sums the damage caused by those, which must total 60% (might change to balance things) of the enemy’s total health.


Use Overpower and Revenge in the same combat.

No restrictions.

Are We Warriors, Or Are We Dancer?

Complete the achievements (1) Prancing Like a Pony, (2) You Called Down the Thunder, Now Reap the Whirlwind and (3) Dodgers in a single combat. Zone restriction is changed to any instance.

The Warrior will have to stance-dance a bit for this achievement, but it is otherwise quite straightforward (if tricky). Also, all three must be done in an instance, but it doesn’t matter on which mob type as long as it’s in the same combat.

Been Around the Block

In any raid boss encounter, use Shield Block to block an amount of damage that would have otherwise killed you.

In other words, prevent your own death in time.

And I Hope You Like Slammin’, Too

Kill a level 80 or higher enemy using only Slam and Shield Slam attacks.

Since a big part of the Warrior’s damage is melee autoattack, some white damage threshold will be allowed. Most of the damage however must come from the two mentioned abilities.

Rather Courageous

Prevent any fear effect from affecting you in any PvP content, instanced content and raid content.

The requirement for this achievement are to prevent any fear effect 3 times (using Berserker Rage of course): PvP, PvE dungeon and PvE raid.

Twenty Tally Yet?

Using Retaliation, engage in combat to have the buff fade with 3, 2 and 1 charges remaining.

For this achievement, the Warrior must spend almost all his Retaliation charges within the 12 seconds of its duration. It must be used 3 times – once for 17 charges, once for 18, and once for 19 charges (order does not matter).

Wall of Fame

Reach a total of 250,000 damage mitigated through Shield Wall.

Yet another accumulation achievement, where the counter sums the amount of damage reduced through Shield Wall.

Who Needs Healers Anyways?

  • In any raid boss encounter, use Enraged Regeneration when having 25% of your total health or less, then survive for its entire duration.
  • While in combat and at 10% of maximal health or less, use Intimidating Shout to gain enough time to apply bandages to yourself.

This achievement requires having Enraged Regeneration heal the Warrior from 25% or lower health, for the entire amount of 30%. The second part requires to apply at least 6 seconds of (probably the best) bandages to yourself, while the enemies are cowering.

Not the Most Heroic

Kill 15 fleeing enemies or enemy players using Heroic Throw.

For the purpose of this achievement, the Warrior must land a killing blow with Heroic Throw, either on an enemy player, or on a creature that is “attempting to run away in fear”.

Progress Through Strength of Arms

When you got the tool for the job, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. Two examples.

Sweep Him/Her Off His/Her Feet

Using Sweeping Strikes, have the additional attack kill a male/female of the opposite faction.

Hopefully not too hard to get, this achievement will require males to kill a female, and vice versa. Love does not always find her way.

Mortal Combat

  • In PvP environment, land 50 killing blow with Mortal Strike.
  • Prevent a total of 100,000 healing through your Mortal Strike effect.

First part is pretty easy to understand, second one is a counter for 50% of all heals landing on the target of your Mortal Strike, while its debuff is active.

The Victor and the Fury-ous

They say never to deny something from an angry man. Furious are even worse, so here are a couple of things to ease their temper.

Blood Type: AB Positive

Gain 30% of your total health through Bloodthirst attacks on each of the following enemy players – Draenei/Blood Elf, Dwarf/Orc, Gnome/Tauren, Human/Troll, Night Elf/Undead.

In total, this achievement requires being healed by Bloodthirst 50 times (30 after the next patch), on each of the 5 enemy races.

On My Wishlist

While under the effect of Deathwish, land a killing blow on any 3 of the bosses in Naxxramas.

Requies landing a killing blow on any 3 Naxxramas bosses, while under the effect of the Deathwish buff. Does not have to be within the same raid reset period.

Pro for Protection

It’s no coincidence that Protection is spelled as it is.  It’s no wonder they have a pair more of challenges to face either.

Won’t Go Down Easy

In any raid boss encounter, remain at 1 hitpoint when your Last Stand buff fades, and survive for 5 additional seconds.

The idea is to lose the extra health points when those are all the Warrior has, yet stay alive for a little longer. Probably the easiest to attain when the buff fades just as combat is over.

Shock and Awe

  • Stun a total of 250 elites using Shockwave.
  • Deal a total of 250,000 damage through Shockwave.

Two cumulative achievements, the first is for elites only, the second has no restrictions.

…On the Next Episode

I will be discussing Shamans. I’ll warn you in advance though, it’ll probably take me some time to complete it.

Why is it that we bring war to your doorstep? Because we’d rather not have it the other way around.
— Anonymous lieutenant of the Wrath of Steels, during the War of the Three Vows


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