Prophet: Foreseeing Greater Deeds

What Does the Future Hold?

What Does the Future Hold?

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

Allow me to apologize for the long time it takes to bring up those posts. Quite surprisingly, it is a lengthy process to invent all those achievement names, and I sometimes find myself stuck several days before anything worthy comes to my mind.

Plus, I have also been caught up with the flu for a few days during the week (*sad panda face*).

Anyways, I have finally completed the task, and compiled a list of achievements for the Priest class.

So far, this has been the hardest post to write, which is something of a mystery to me. From what I have seen on Wowhead, Priests have the least number of skills in comparison to Druids, Hunters or Paladins, yet it was pretty hard to finish up this post.

The reason? As I’ve said, it is a mystery of sorts, but I do have some speculations. Priests have a vast number of healing skills, which I find harder to invent achievements for. In addition, all their skill names are, well, holy-like, and hard to word-play with.

And that’s another reason why it took longer than the usual.

Oh, and for those who have no idea what I am speaking off – I am a blogger on a mission to come up with class specific achievements for all the classes. My goal in mind is that when a player completes all those given achievements, he will be granted his special class-specific title.

For the Priest, this title will be, the Prophet.

And here’s what he must accomplish to get it.

All the Priests Together

As usual, I’m breaking up the post into a few sections. In the first one, I’ll present the achievements that every Priest, with any talents, should be able to complete. In the following ones, we’ll be seeing a couple of achievements that require a specific talent skill.

Now You’re Making Me Angry!

While having 33% or less of your total health, use Smite to land a killing blow on your enemy.

This is simply a humorous reference to Mr. Smite from the Deadmines. To accomplish this achievement, the Priest must be wounded and use his Smite spell to kill any enemy that grants him experience.

Pain is Worth a Thousand Words

Deal damage 1,000 times with Shadow Word: Pain.

This achievement should be gained passively, by using Shadow Word: Pain not too rarely. After it will tick for the 1000th time, this will be achieved.

The Shield

  • In any instanced content, have your Power Word: Shield absorb an amount of damage that would have otherwise killed the target, 7 times.
  • Absorb a total of 88,000 damage with Power Word: Shield on yourself.

This achievement has two parts – it requires using PW:S to save 7 allies in instances (does not require to be the same run), and also to total an amount of 88,000 damage absorbed, over any duration of time.

Shields Up, Weapons Online

While Power Word: Shield is active on yourself, kill 5 enemies.

For this achievement, the Priest must cast Power Word: Shield on himself, then before the buff fades (either due to duration expiration or total amount absorbed), kill 5 enemies that grant experience or honor.

All Your Mind Are Now Belong To Us

Use Mind Control on each of the opposite faction’s classes.

This simply requires casting the spell on all the 10 classes, of the opposite faction.

I Believe I Can Fly

Drop from 100 yards without dying.

Levitate is the way to go for this one.

Inner Fire, Don’t Forget

During the same session, kill 100 creatures while having Inner Fire active at all times.

The idea is for the Priest to remember to recast his Inner Fire buff. It is of course allowed to cast it again before it expires, but never to reach a state where it is absent. Logging off will reset the timer. Only creatures granting experience count.

Multitude of Fortitude

Grant a total of 100,000 extra Stamina to friendly targets, through your Power Word: Fortitude and Blessing of Fortitude.

This achievement will have a counter, calculating the total of stamina the Priest has granted through his buffs. Casting the spell on a target that already has it, will not count (but casting a higher rank will count the difference).

Keeping the Skeletons in the Closet

Shackle a total of 100 Undead, and at least 20 different types.

This achievement asks you to use Shackle Undead, but also to keep in mind not to keep shackling the same one. Type of undead refers to its name (e.g. Skeletal Constructor != Skeletal Fiend).

No Fear

Resist through immunity the fear effect of a Priest, Warrior and Warlock. Also, grant courage to your party members to resist fear in instances, for 10 times.

For this achievement, the Priest must resist both Intimidating Shout, Fear and Psychic Scream, using his Fear Ward on himself. He must also use it on his allies while instancing, to prevent them being feared.

We Can Make It If We Try

Use Binding Heal while you and your target are below 50% health, while in combat in any raid encounter.

As stated.

Farewell, Magic

Using Dispel Magic, remove the effect of 50 harmful effects from allies, and the effect of 25 beneficial effects from enemies.

Requires using Dispel Magic both for cleansing, and for purging.

Holy Supernova

Without additional help, kill 25 creatures of level 75 or higher within 10 seconds from each other.

The trick is to use Holy Nova repeatedly to AoE all the enemies down, and at the same time keep yourself healed.

I Spy

Through Mind Vision on a hostile target, reach your enemy flag room in Warsong Gulch, and your enemy general bunker in Alterac Valley.

For this achievement, the Priest must cast Mind Vision on an enemy, and hope he’ll reach the above locations. Casting this on the target while it is at the location should also do (might be too random to get otherwise).

Group Discount

In combat, use Prayer of Healing without overhealing any group member for more than 10%.

This achievement requires using Prayer of Healing on a very good timing, in such a way that none of the party members will be overhealed too much.

Mending Go Round

In any raid boss encounter, have your Prayer of Mending jump for all its 5 stacks.

Requires the raid to take enough damage, in order for the buff to keep jumping before its duration runs out.


Using Psychic Scream, fear each and every class, and all enemy types excluding the undead.

Required targets for this achievement are the 10 classes, plus beasts, demons, dragonkin, elementals, giants, humanoids and unknown (the oozes and insects for example).

Greatest Heal

Within the same instance, beat your previous highest Greater Heal record, 5 times, and while in combat.

Wording on this achievement might be tricky, and I’ll explain. While the Priest is in the instance, he must start casting Greater Heal. Each time his total heal is greater than all previous such heals in the instance, the counter increases by one. The counter must reach five. Only counts if being done in combat.

Not On My Shift

Complete the Heigan the Unclean encounter while [some requirement regarding damage by his disease effect].

This achievement will require the Priest to act quickly with his Disease removing skills. As I haven’t ventured in Naxxramas yet, I am not overly familiar with the encounter, so I’m leaving the details vague.

It Won’t Fade

In any instanced encounter, and while in combat, use Fade while your rest of the party are dead or not participating in the fight.

This is simply a humorous achievement, to remind the Priest that Fade is useless when there is nobody else on the threat list.

Blast to the Past

In Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme, use Mind Blast to land a killing blow on Mal’Ganis.

I hope this achievement isn’t too tricky, since Mind Blast has a cooldown. Nevertheless, as a small pun, it requires traveling back in time, to have a “blast from the past”, with Mind Blast.

It Burns Us

Kill 5 enemy players using Mana Burn.

Requires that the killing blow will be by the burn effect of Mana Burn.

Black & White

Land a killing blow on any level 80 creature, using Shadow Word: Death, while the periodic damage effect of Holy Fire is active.

Requires casting Holy Fire, then killing the target within the next 7 seconds with Shadow Word: Death.


Gain a total of 50,000 health points back through Devouring Plague.

Overhealing will not count.

Worst Case Scenario

While having less than 2% of your mana, use your Shadowfiend to land a killing blow on any level 80 enemy.

The idea behind this, is that even the Shadowfiend can kill something when the situation is really bad (though I suspect there are better methods). In any case, the Priest must really be out of mana when the fiend lands the blow that kills.

Flash the Flesh

Use Flash Heal a total of 1,000 times.

Heal, and heal, and heal…

Dead Searious

Use Mind Sear to deal a total of 1,000,000 damage.

Simply an accumulation achievement.

All Fight Long

In any raid boss encounter, keep Renew active on any target, during the entire fight.

For this achievement, the Priest must simply remember to reapply the Renew heal over time effect on any target, for the entire duration of the fight. Might be annoying with lag, but feasible if the other healers do some extra work.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

In any instanced content, use Divine Hymn to incapacitate at least 8 enemies, and heal at least 5 allies.

The 5 healed allies can include the Priest. Just overhealing does not count.

Zip, Zilch, Nada

Using a single Mass Dispel, remove the effect of at least 10 magical buffs and/or debuffs.

For this achievement, it doesn’t matter how many dispelled effect are beneficial or harmful, but their total must be 10 (I hope there are encounters where this is feasible, I suspect it is).

Just the Discipline

A couple of achievements that are reserved for Discipline Priests.

Min Payne

In every Naxxramas boss fight, use Pain Suppression on a target that takes damage.

Does not require to complete in the same raid lockout week. The target must take damage while Pain Suppression is active for the achievement to record.

Bolts of Light

  • Kill 20 enemy players using Penance.
  • In any raid boss encounter, use Penance to heal an ally for 75% of his total health or more.

Requires to land the killing blow with Penance, and heal for a net total of 75% (i.e. the target must have 25% of her total health or less before the heal).

Only Holy

Achievements that are only for Holy.


In any raid boss encounter, use Desperate Prayer while having 20% or less of your total health.

The prayer has to be pretty desperate for it to count.

A Worthy Sacrifice

  • In any instanced boss encounter, have your party/raid kill the boss while your affected by Spirit of Redemption.
  • In any instanced content, or during PvP play, prevent 5 deaths with Guardian Spirit.

This achievement requires the Priest to die, yet keep his party alive long enough to kill a boss, and to use Guardian Spirit on someone that is about to die, either in PvP or while instancing.

Shadow Solo

And last but not least, for the Shadow ones.

I Am Darkula

  • Regenerate a total of 1,879,000 health to yourself through Vampiric Embrace.
  • Regenerate a total of 1,931,000 mana to yourself or your allies through Vampiric Touch.

I know the numbers seem high (they are also Dracula references), but if you do some math, you’d realize they can easily be achieved through a few hours.

Dust in the Wind

Avoid a total of 150,000 damage through Dispersion.

Best achieved in PvP I suppose, this achievement required using Dispersion while taking damage, and having the 90% damage reduction sum up.

In The Not-So-Distant Future

More achievements await! In the future, I foresee a Warrior.

A seer can only foresee the future of others, for the same reason one could never see his own face.
— Foretelling explained by Tu’uref


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