Not Just a Druid – An Arch One

Shifting Higher

Shifting Higher

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

If you read one of my two previous posts, there is really no need for another fancy exposition. If you haven’t, you are really forcing my hand. But well, I guess I have to give a short reminder anyways.


Ok, that might not be detailed enough…

Class-specific achievements.

Still vague?

Achievements, that having completed all of them, would prove your fellow players that you have mastered somewhat your class. It indicates you know where your various skills are, and are not afraid to use them, even when sometimes the achievement requires you to use them in a silly way.

Heck, it’s just another method to have some fun, and spend those dead hours when you don’t have anything better to do.

Did I mention it might grant the Archdruid title?

Those are achievements for Druids by the way, and they are coming up after this link.

It Takes All Forms

Following are achievements that can be completed by any Druid, of any spec. Yes, they will require to shapeshift quite a bit, but none assume having any non-baselined skill. I’m not saying they will be easily attained by any spec, but up to some gear-change, all should be feasible.


Use Gift of the Wild in each of Northrend’s instances, and all the Battlegrounds.

Quite simply, use it to buff your party/raid in all 70+ instances and all PvP Battlegrounds.


Complete the [some quest requiring swimming] in [some short time] while not in a group.

This achievement will require using Aquatic Form to complete the quest fast. So far, only the quest The Way to His Heart… comes to my mind, but there might be another.


While in Cat Form, land a killing blow on a Cat-Form-Druid from the opposite faction.

You have to kill another cat, while also shifted as one. Can be in any Battleground, Arena or also world PvP.

Raining Cats and Bears

  • While in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, fall 65 yards without dying.
  • While in Cat Form, fall 80 yards without dying.

Basically, this achievement mirrors the Going Down? one, but with a higher distance for Cat Form as it has the Feline Grace passive skill.

Half-Troll, Half-Bear

Regenerate a total of 100,000 health through Frenzied Regeneration.

This achievement requires using Frenzied Regeneration multiple times, until the counter reaches 100,000 healed health points. Obviously easier to get as Feral, but with some effort by any other bear too (or is it troll?).

Can’t… Stop… DANCING!

In any capital city, dance in each of the following forms.

  • Night Elf / Tauren (faction dependent)
  • Cat
  • Bear or Dire Bear
  • Travel
  • Moonkin
  • Tree

Ok, so I lied. This is the only achievement that does require you to respec in order to achieve. You must use the /dance emote in a place that everyone can see you, in all the different forms. Only because this is so much fun.

From Ashes to Ashes

While in combat, resurrect an ally using Rebirth, to have him die again within 10 seconds.

In order to gain this, the Druid must bring an ally back to life using Rebirth, only to have him die 10 seconds later (counter starts once the player is back alive).

I Scratch Your Back…

Kill 5 level 80 creatures, while using only attacks that require you being behind your target, and the Maim finishing move.

The achievement permits using Ravage, Shred and Maim solely. Can be gained anywhere, but will probably be easier while grouped. Some auto-attacks will also be permitted.

Say No to Durability! Use Tranquility!

In any instance encounter, and while in combat, use Tranquility when all your group members are below 50% of their maximum health.

Nothing more to add really…

Mass Swipe

Use Swipe to hit 25 level 75 or higher creatures at the same time.

This achievement will require some good Bear positioning, in order for the Swipe ability to wound a large amount of creatures simultaneously. Can be done anywhere.

Maul Rats

Exterminate 50 Rats using Maul.

Any rat would do, as long as the deed was done with Maul.

Herd Rage

Land 25 killing blows while under the effect of Enrage.

I suppose I could restrict it to instances in order to make it more challenging, but that means it would be a pain for non-Ferals to gain. Hence, this can be done anywhere.

Root Cause

In any instance, affect a total of 50 creatures with Entangling Roots.

The counter will not reset between instances. This achievement is here to encourage Druid Crowd Control.


While under the same effect of Dash, get caught in 10 consecutive land mine explosions in the Sparksocket Minefield.

This achievement is similar to the Mine Sweeper one, although you got to have the Dash buff active during the whole time. If it proves not to be feasible, the number of explosions will be reduced.

Use Your Pouncezerschrake

Use both Pounce and Rake on any siege engine in PvP.

Although I assume siege engines are immune to bleed effect, this achievement requires using both on the same one. Any vehicle in Wintergrasp or the Strand of the Ancient Battlegrounds will do.

I Like to Move It

Dispel the effect of 100 movement impairing effect through shapeshifting.

This achievement can be gained anywhere, and is cumulative. It simply requires shapeshifting while having a movement impairing debuff active (hence dispelling it).

Beam Me Up, Scatty

Use Teleport: Moonglade 9 times.

A simple and silly achievement, only because you have to teleport for every life.

Bless My Bark

Accumulate a total of 250,000 damage done, 250,000 damage taken or 250,000 healing while under the effect of Barkskin.

This achievement is tailored for the different Druid specs. It requires using Barkskin while doing your job.

Oh! Hello Kitty!

Strike the first hit, from stealth mode, on each of the opposing faction’s classes.

Requires striking with any attack, while being stealthed, on all the 10 classes. Does not require to be during the same Battleground or Arena.

Wrath of the Real Thing

In every Northrend instance, land a killing blow on any of the instance’s bosses, using Wrath.

I hope this achievement won’t be too painful to get, as statistically (assuming 3-4 bosses per instance) it shouldn’t be. The goal is to have the damage of Wrath kill at least one boss, in all the instances of Northrend. I am aware it is much more difficult to gain for any spec besides Balance, and I hope that with some group effort everyone will be able to get it.

Gotta Bloom Them All!

During any raid boss encounter, keep a full stack of Lifebloom on 4 different pary/raid members, for 7 seconds.

To gain this achievement, the Druid must time his Lifebloom casts in a way to keep a full stack on 4 players, then keep up the good work for 7 seconds. It means however that the Druid will not be able to do anything else (due to Global Cooldown constraints, unless talented otherwise).

You Got to Keep ’em Lacerated

In any instance, keep a full stack of Lacerate on 3 different creatures, for 10 seconds.

Similar to Gotta Bloom Them All, but with the Dire Bear Form’s Lacerate. A bit of a hassle for non-Ferals, but assuming the tank has enough threat on the targets, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Black Thorns

Accumulate a total of 100,000 damage caused by Thorns cast by you.

This achievement simply requires the Druid to remember casting Thorns on the tank, or on himself while soloing, and wait for the damage counter to reach its goal.

Take One For The Team

In any raid boss encounter, cast Innervate on a raid member (not yourself), while you have 10% of your maximum mana or less.

This achievement requires the Druid to innervate someone else while he is truly low on mana. Sometimes, you have to be selfless.

Gone With the Wind

  • Kill 250 creatures using Hurricane.
  • Kill an enemy player within 5 seconds of him being affected by your Cyclone.

The first part of this achievement simply requires using Hurricane a lot, and encourage somewhat AoE grinding. The second part is meant for any PvP fight (Battleground, Arena or World PvP), and requires the Druid to cast Cyclone on an enemy, then have his team kill him 5 seconds after the effect fades (I know the wording can be confusing).

Bloody Mess

Land a killing blow on a level 80 or higher elite creature, using Ferocious Bite, while Tiger’s Fury is active, and the enemy is afflicted by the bleed effect of Rip.

This achievement requires some combo-point coordination, as the Druid has to time his Ferocious Bite just so that he still has his Tiger’s Fury buff active, and the enemy is still under the duration of Rip.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

  • Complete the Grand Widow Faerlina encounter, while her Poison Bolt Volley doesn’t tick more than [some reasonable number] times.
  • Complete the Noth the Plaguebringer encounter, without having any of the raid affected by his Wrath of the Plaguebringer.

Similarly to the Paladin’s Don’t Be Tense, Just Cleanse achievement, this one requires the Druid to use his dispel abilities fast.

Wam, Bam, Thank-You Maim

Kill any level 80 or higher creatures while it being stunned and/or incapacitated 50% of the combat.

For this achievement, the Druid must cleverly use Pounce, Bash and Maim, to kill his target as quickly as possible, in order for it to be unable to react most of the fight.

Petting Zoo

While not being in combat, and standing no farther then 10 yards away, Hibernate a level 75 or higher Dragonkin or Beast.

In order to complete this, the Druid will have to Soothe Animal his target, come closer, then Hibernate it.

The Sky Is Not Falling. Oh Wait…

Land 15 killing blows with Starfire, while your Moonfire debuff has 5 seconds or less on the target.

For this achievement, one must have good debuff/casting time coordination, for the Druid must cast his Starfire before the Moonfire effect fades, and still kill the creature. Can be done both in PvE or PvP.

The Roaring Game

In any instanced content, use Demoralizing Roar, Challenging Roar and Savage Roar, during the same combat.

This achievement is reserved for dungeons (or raids if the Druid insists), and requires using all the three roars during the same fight. Having the target resist Challenging Roar doesn’t count.

The Whole Nine Yards

In any raid boss encounter, cast Nourish on an ally, while he is also affected by your Regrowth, Rejuvenation and your Lifebloom effects.

Simply as stated, the target must first be affected by the 3 healing over time effects, then have Nourish cast over her.


Two things only Balance Druids can try.

The Treeminator 3: Rise of the Treants

Have your Treants accumulate 50 killing blows.

This achievement requires the Treants from Force of Nature to land the killing blow, either in PvP or PvE, but obviously only on targets that grant experience or honor.

Kalimdor Frenzied Chicken

In any PvP environment, and while in Moonkin Form, reach 50 killing blows, with any critical strike by any of your spells.

This achievement simply requires staying in Moonkin Form, and hoping for the killing blow to be a critical strike. The counter does not stop at the end of the PvP combat, but accumulates.


A couple of tricks only the Ferals can do.

From All Mangles

Accumulate a total of 250,000 damage from bleed effects, while the target is under the effect of Mangle.

This achievement can be completed in PvE and PvP, and both in Bear or Cat Forms. Shred counts as a bleeding effect for the purpose of this achievement. If the number is too high for non-Ferals to attain, it will be reduced.


In any PvP environment, kill 5 players while they are under the Daze effect of your Feral Charge (Cat).

It might be tricky, but to gain this the Druid must kill his enemy within 3 seconds of the charge. This is a cumulative counter.


A duet of feats, only the keen of Restoration can attempt.


In any raid boss encounter, use Swiftmend and Nature’s Swiftness to heal a target having less than 20% of her total health.

I could have written this achievement as two bullets, but I was lazy. So to confirm, the Druid does not have to use both “stat” skills in the same raid encounter, but he does have to use them on a target that is really low on health in both occasions.


In any raid boss encounter, and while in Tree of Life Form, maintain any healing over time effect on 10 targets at the same time.

In order to gain this, the Druid should use all his skills – Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom and Wild Growth – in such a way that at least 10 raid members will have at least one effect on them. This might sound hard, but since Wild Growth simultaneously applies a HoT on 5 targets, it should be doable.

What’s Next

I’m not 100% sure yet, but I think my next post will be dedicated to Priests, and what they can achieve.

Gardening, but in a much larger scale.
— Ga’orlen, humorously describing the daily task of Arch-Druids


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