Crusader’s Fame

Paladin's Ascension

Crusade for Ascension

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

The wheels are now set in motion. There is no way back.

Champions are marching the frozen plains, from Fjords and Tundras, up until they shall reach the Citadel.

They will face mortal perils, but also create tales of victory with their passage. It is during this journey, that from champions of different causes, they shall become true heroes.

On my previous post, I have detailed an extensive list of the different feats a Hunter must complete if he desires to prove his surroundings that he is a true Stalker.

The idea is pretty simple – one must show he has mastered the different skills, as only through those class mastery can be attained.

On this post, I will reveal my plans for the Paladin. What must he do to achieve a higher presence? Where should he fight to gain ascension? When will the day come, when one of his class can be named, Crusader?

The list of achievements follows.

Universal Crusading

Here are achievements that are available and obtainable by all Paladins. Sure, some of them require healing that some specs are not used to giving, but it should still be feasible. At worst, in order to gain some of the listed below, small gear shifts might be required (e.g. from DPS to Healing gear).

Holy Lite

In any instanced content, use Holy Light 20 times without exceeding 15% overhealing.

For this achievement, the Paladin must reach a total of 20 uses of Holy Light within the same instance (Arena/Battleground apply), but each must not overheal more than 15% of the amount. If the Paladin overheals, it simply doesn’t count for the total.
Cheating with Life-Tapping Warlocks would somehow be forbidden, don’t ask me how.

To Be, Aura Not to Be

While having Aura of Frost/Fire/Shadow Resistance active, have one of your party/raid members resist spell damage of the appropriate school, that would otherwise have killed him.

This achievement must be obtained for each of the 3 spell schools (Fire, Frost and Shadow). It is given once a party/raid member resists an amount that is bigger than his remaining total life.

Bursting Your Bubble

Land a killing blow in PvP while under the effect of Divine Protection or Divine Shield.

Rather straightforward – landing a killing blow while the buff is still active.


  • Land a killing blow on 50 level 80 undead using Exorcism.
  • Turn Undead on each of the Lich King’s minions.
  • Using Holy Wrath, kill 10 level 75 or higher undead at the same time.

This achievement has quite a list to complete. The first bullet is simple, while the last requires some damage coordination so the AoE of Holy Wrath will kill all the mobs at the same time. The second bullet will be supplied with a list of specific Undead all over Northrend (and maybe other lands as well), that the Paladin will have to fear.

Indecent Flashing

Use Flash of Light on every class of your faction, in any instanced content.

To gain this achievement, the Paladin must use Flash of Light on all the 10 existing classes, as long as this is done inside any instance. It does not require to be the same instance.

Nailed Ya!

Land 15 killing blows in PvP using Hammer of Wrath.

As stated. The enemy player can be fleeing for his life or fightning valliantly, he must be killed by a Hammer of Wrath to the face.

Can’t Touch This

Use Hammer of Justice to interrupt flag capping in Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm or Alterac Valley, or to stop a flag carrier in Warsong Gulch or Eye of the Storm.

This achievement either requires stunning (using Hammer of Justice) a single enemy player while he is attempting to cap a flag, or to stun a player who is carrying one.

Premature Intervention

Use Divine Intervention while not in combat.

Rather noobish, but you’ll be getting an Achievement for this. Sacrificing yourself doesn’t cause durability damage, so this only costs a reagent to get. Simple.

Divine Timing

In any raid boss encounter, use Divine Intervention on the last raid member alive (not including yourself), when he has less than 50% of his total health.

This might be tricky, since it requires the Paladin to be alive, and his only standing ally to take enough damage to reduce his health below 50%, yet still live. It saves the wipe almost at the last second, and grants an achievement.

Ten Past Redemption

Bring back 10 players to life using Redemption.

As simple as that.

Bubble Trouble

Use Divine Shield to Hearthstone safely, while in an enemy city.

I’m giving full credit to Sacer from Bloodfeather (EU) for this idea, although I have changed its name. Hearthstone takes 10 seconds to complete, Divine Shield lasts 12 seconds, it should be just enough to fly-bye-bye away while enemies are trying desperately to stop you.

Spiritual Fulfillment

Gain a total of 10,000 mana from Spiritual Attunement.

A rather plain and passive achievement, that is somewhat more relevant to Protection Paladins I suppose. In other words, it requires being healed for 100,000 health by an external source (as Spiritual Attunement grants mana in a 1:10 ratio).

Judge Dread

Judge every possible Seal and Judgement spell against a single enemy in combat.

Not a very difficult achievement, yet might require a slightly longer fight to attain. Paladins have 3 basic Judgements, and 5 different Seals (6 for Retribution). This requires changing the seals in-combat, and judging differently on each ready cooldown (for example: Seal of Righteousness, judge Light; Seal of Vengeance, just Wisdom; Seal of Wisdom, judge Light; Seal of Light, judge anything; Seal of the Martyr, judge anything).


In a single raid boss encounter, heal over 10,000 health using Judgement of Light effect.

To gain this, the Paladin must keep the Judgement of Light debuff active on the boss, and hope his allies will gain the required amount of heals from attacking the boss. The number might be altered if proven too easy/hard to attain.

Learning from the Wise

In a single raid boss encounter, regenerate your allies a total of 10,000 mana using Judgement of Wisdom effect.

Same as Lightbrining, but with Judgement of Wisdom and Mana respectively.

Speed Limit Enforcer

In PvP, lower the movement speed of an enemy using Judgement of Justice.

For this achievement, the Paladin must judge any enemy that is moving faster than running speed, with Judgement of Justice. Mounted players, movement increasing talents or abilities all count.

It’s For Your Own Protection

In any raid boss encounter, use Hand of Protection on an ally who has reached 100% threat, or in Arena or Battleground, use it to protect an ally from enemy players.

The requirement to achieve this, is to have the said ally be under attack by the raid boss or an enemy player.

No Messing with the Blessing

Grant a total of 250 Blessings in Battlegrounds.

Simply buff a total of 250 players with a Blessing, during any Battleground, to gain this.

I Wish I Had an Angel

Land a killing blow on any raid boss while under the effect of Avenging Wrath.

As stated. The Paladin must be under the effect of the buff and be the player landing the killing blow.

They Can Take Our Lives, But They Cannot Take Our…

In Warsong Gulch or Eye of the Storm, use Hand of Freedom on the flag carrier.

The flag carrier can also be the Paladin himself.

Don’t Be Tense, Just Cleanse

Complete the [Maiden-like encounter] without having any harmful debuff damage any ally.

The idea of this achievement is for the Paladin to be super-fast in Cleansing his allies. I am not familiar with Wrath of the Lich King raid encounters, but if there is anything like Maiden, where she afflicts players with a debuff that ticks every second or two, the Paladin will be required to Cleanse so fast, it doesn’t have the chance to cause any damage.

No Trespassing

Kill 100 creatures with Consecration.

The enemy must die from a Consecration tick in order to count for this achievement.

A Nice Touch

Using Lay on Hands, heal an ally back to 77% of his total health.

This achievement will probably require some research. Since Lay on Hands heals a fixed amount, the idea is for the Paladin to calculate when to use it, for his target to end up with 77% of her total health. This does not require to be in combat.

Damnation! Salvation, Yet No Donation

In any dungeon or raid instance, use Hand of Salvation on 5 allies that have reached 100% threat.

Does not require to be on the same ally, or within the same time period. The only requirement is for the target to have 100% threat when the buff is cast on her.

Sacrificial Lamb

While you’re under the effect of Hand of Sacrifice, become Polymorphed.

This achievement can be done both in PvE and PvP, but requires good timing in both. The Paladin must first be under the effect of his Hand of Sacrifice (i.e. cast it on someone else), then become Polymorphed by a hostile.

May I Have More Mana, Plea?

Regenerate a total of 100,000 mana using Divine Plea.

Since Divine Plea regenerates 25% of the Paladin’s total mana, to gain this achievement the Paladin will have to use it quite a few times. Do note that having the spell regenerate mana while the player’s reserve is full does not count.

With a Silver Platter

Use Shield of Righteousness to land a total of 15 killing blows in Battlegrounds or Arena.

This achievement will obviously be easier to attain as a Protection Paladin, which probably hits for more with the ability. Hopefully, both Holy and Retribution don’t find it to hard to obtain some killing blows with it. If they do, the number will be toned down.
Doesn’t require to be in the same battleground/arena, the achievement simply uses a counter until it reaches 15.

Sacréd Bleu!

In PvP environment or in any instanced boss encounter, use Sacred Shield to absorb damage from an ally, that would otherwise have killed him, then ensure his survival for at least 6 seconds.

This achievement requires the Paladin’s Sacred Shield to absorb an amount of damage that is higher than the target’s remaining health. Once this triggers, the same target must remain alive for another 6 seconds in order for this to record.

Holy Crusading

Achievements for those who took some points inside the Holy tree.

Shocking Behavior

Use Holy Shock on each of your faction’s and the opposite’s classes, in any instanced content.

Requires using Holy Shock to heal the ten existing classes on the Alliance, and also to damage the ten classes on the Horde. Doesn’t require to be in the same instance.

Beacon and Legs

In [some encounter with hazardous grounds], use Beacon of Light to heal your allies, and don’t get wounded once from the [hazardous grounds].

Again, I am not familiar with the level 80 raids, but the plan is to complete an encounter similar to Heigan the Unclean (I just read about him *smile*), without being wounded once from his Ground Eruptions. To manage the raid heals while staying mobile, Beacon of Light comes to the Holy Paladin’s aid.

Crusade for Protection

Stuff that can only be achieved by those who took some points in Protection.

The Avenger’s

Land 3 critical hits with the same Avenger’s Shield attack.

Simply have the bouncing shield crit on each of its three targets. Can be done anywhere.


Engage combat with at least 5 level 80 creatures simultaneously, without being reduced below 85% of your total health. Also, be a good sport, so don’t directly heal yourself (you got to give them a chance you know…).

For this achievement, the Paladin must be in combat against at least 5 enemies. He must defeat them all, while during the entire fight remain above 85% of his total health. Direct heals are not allowed, but using Holy Shield and Hammer of the Righteous with Seal of Light, he should make it.

Crusade by Retribution

… And some that can be gained only by Retribution Paladins.

8th Commandment

In Eye of the Storm or Warsong Gulch, kill an enemy player holding your faction’s flag, using Seal of Command.

The killing blow must be struck with Seal of Command (either a hit or a judgement) for this achievement, and the enemy must be the flag carrier. To ensure such a deadly blow, the Paladin is likely to use Repentance, in order to have the judged seal crit.

The Calm After the Storm

Kill 4 enemies of level 75 or higher with a single attack of Divine Storm.

I didn’t want to repeat the killing blow idea again, but the plan is to have Divine Storm be the last thing hitting the enemies, before they hit the ground.


Next time, we’ll be discussing Druids. I just need to prepare a bit.

There are personal crusades, and organized ones. But don’t be fooled, every organized crusade is also its leader’s personal one.
— Beric the Crusader


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