Glory of the Stalker

More Than Just a Hunter

More Than Just a Hunter

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

Champions! The time has come! The time for each of you to show his own worth! The time to achieve the titles you were born for.

The time for me to suggest class specific achievements. Such achievements, I hope, that can be implemented in a way that only those who know their classes well, will be able to attain them. And maybe, if Blizzard feels generous enough, achievements that, once completed, will grant the player his class-specific title.

I am going to start with the Hunter, for this is the class that yours truly knows as well as the palm of his hand. At least, it is the class I know the most from all the (now) ten options.

My plan is to create a list that encompasses most of the class’ skills, and even some of the talents. I suppose there will also be an achievement that requires achieving all the lesser ones, in order to gain the sought-after title.

Now, with no further ado, I shall present you with what a true hunter must reach, in order to become, the Stalker.

For All the Hunters Out There

Following is a list of achievements that should be possible by every Hunter, disregarding their spec.

Bullet Time

Kill 3 enemies within 1 second from each other.

This achievement works everywhere, and the plan is to “proc” it using Multi-Shot.

The Tame Game

Tame a pet from each of the 3 different pet categories.

The Hunter must tame a Tenacious, Ferocious and Cunning pet to get this achieved.

Scare da Bear

Cause fear in the heart of all the bears in the world.

This achievement will have a list of bear mobs from different levels, that the hunter will have to fear using Scare Beast.

The Kite Runner

Kill a level 80 elite enemy without it causing any damage, and while being the only source damaging it.

The Hunter will have to “kite” the mob in order to achieve this. If the enemy will deal damage to anyone, or be dealt damage by anyone but the Hunter or his pet, the achievement will be void.

Keep it Steady

Use Steady Shot 100,000 times.

A simple achievement – the Hunter only has to spam his main ability again and again.

Neither Mage nor Enrage

Using Tranquilizing Shot, dispel an enrage and a magic effect.

To gain this achievement, the Hunter must dispel both an enrage and a magic buff. The two don’t have to be within the same time period.

Give Them a Volley

Kill 50 enemies in 25 seconds (hint: Volley).

As hinted, this is gained after killing 50 mobs using Volley (or anything else, but would probably be less effective), within 15 seconds from entering combat.

Dazin’ n’ Blazin’

Kill 20 creatures using Steady Shot, while they are dazed.

Achieved by landing killing blows with Steady Shot, after afflicting mobs with the Daze effect from Concussive Shot.

Melee Hunter

Kill a level 80 enemy using only melee attacks.

Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite (also Counter Attack for Survival Hunters) are your friends for this one.

Not Your Average Melee Hunter

Kill a level 80 enemy, without being wounded, but without using any ranged abilities.

In addition to the skills used to gain the previous achievement, the Hunter should now use his traps to further damage his enemy, and combine avoidance through Aspect of the Monkey and Deterrence, or kiting through Wing Clip, to gain this. Having the pet tank doesn’t count.

Run Cheetah! Run!

Cross the [to be determined zone] while using Aspect of the Cheetah at all times, and without being dazed.

This achievement requires the Hunter to smartly maneuver an area with mobs while aggroing as little as possible, and cleverly use slowing abilities and pet threat to prevent being hit.

Hyper Viper

Complete Naxxramas without dropping below 50% mana, and dealing at least 10% of the total damage in each boss encounter.

In other words, to gain this achievement the Hunter must preserve competitive DPS, but still keep his mana bar half full during the entire instance.


Land a killing blow from 50 yards away.

This one should be achieved using Kill Shot.

Mark of the Beast

While using Aspect of the Beast, use Hunter’s Mark on 5 types of creatures, within 2 minutes.

This one is a mini-game of sorts. The Hunter must mark 5 different mob categories (e.g. Undead, Beast, Humanoid, Giant and Elemental) in 2 minutes, so he must find an area where those are not too scarce.

Wasn’t Me

In a raid and in combat, use Misdirection on any other non-tanking class.

Requires using Misdirection on an ally that is not the tank. I think that determining a non-tank can be done through some parameters such as health and defense rating, but it might prove to be tricky.

Watching Mana Dry

Using Viper Sting, reduce an enemy to 0% mana.

Can be achieved either in PvE or PvP, so shouldn’t be too hard to gain. Obviously, only works on enemies that have mana to begin with.

Die Dead Enough

Get killed while under the effect of Feign Death.

The Hunter must still be feigning and take mortal damage in order to gain this achievement.

Death by Natural Causes

Kill an enemy using natural damage.

The idea of this achievement is for the Hunter to kill his enemy using Serpent Sting, Serpent Trap and Chimera Shot (Marksmanship Hunters) only. Some white damage will be accepted, but only up to some maximal threshold (maybe 20%).

Death by Unnatural Causes

Kill an enemy using fire and arcane damage.

Similarly to the last achievement, but this time using Explosive Trap, Immolation Trap, Arcane Shot and Explosive Shot (Survival Hunters) only.

It’s a Trap! Again!

Afflict two enemies with your Freezing Trap or Arrow at the same time.

Two enemies must be Crowd Controlled at the same time for this to be gained, probably for at least one second.

Alpha Dog

Let your pet kill a level 80 elite enemy, while you are not using any damaging attacks.

The Hunter won’t be receiving any experience or loot from the kill, but if his pet does the entire work alone, he will receive the achievement.

Stuffed Animal

Feed your pet 500 meals.

Gained after using Feed Pet 500 times.


Uncover a stealthed enemy in each of the battlegrounds.

The enemy must be under some effect of stealth or invisibility, and afflicted by the Flare debuff, in order to achieve this. This must be done in all the 5 battlegrounds.

Not a Scratch

Have your pet survive the [some intensive AoE attack] in [some encounter].

I haven’t figured the details for this one yet, as I haven’t experienced many WotLK encounters yet, but the idea is for the pet to endure a strong attack such as Murmur’s Sonic Boom (probably even something stronger), without dying.

For the Lovers of Beasts

Here are a couple of achievements for Beast Master Hunters.


Land 2 killing blows in PvP while under the (same) effect of The Beast Within.

While the Hunter is a red-mean-killing-machine, he must land the death blow on two enemies in any battleground or arena. The two blows must be while under the same effect.

Barks and Bites

Land a killing blow on an enemy stunned by Intimidation.

Either the Hunter or his pet must land the killing blow, on the stunned enemy.

For the Lovers of Ammo

Now a couple for the Marksmanship Hunters among us (*raises hand*).

Ready for Anything

Afflict three enemies with your Freezing Trap or Arrow at the same time.

Similar to “It’s a Trap! Again!” but with three Crowd Controlled targets.

Silence! I kill you!

In arena or battlegrounds, kill an enemy player using Silencing Shot, when he is casting a spell.

The achievement requires the Hunter to silence his target, and have the damaging effect of Silencing Shot kill it.

For the Lovers of Life

And finally a couple for the Survival ones.

Letting the Bed Bugs Bite

Kill 10 enemies while they are under the sleep effect of Wyvern Sting.

To gain this, the Hunter must hit his sleeping target with a killing blow (otherwise the next attack will be on a no-longer-sleeping target).


In arena or battlegrounds, damage 3 enemy players with a single Explosive Shot.

As Explosive Shot has an AoE element, one of its three ticks must damage 3 targets. Having each tick damage a different target is not enough.

… Next Time

In my next post, I will give ideas for achievement for Paladins.

A beast stalking another beast. That’s a good hunter.
— The Lord of Paths


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