A Serie Finalized: Healing Inspection

It all started in September, a couple of months ago. Healing was on my mind, and the plan was to see how it could be tended, to become something wilder, greater, and better.

Well, that was the plan at least.

In practice, I have learned alot how the different classes heal, and also where they lack. Somehow, during this healing journey, I have come up with different skills that could complement each of the healing specs.

In retrospect, some skills are perhaps better than others, but I think they are all useful in some way, and most important, different than anything else healers have so far.

I feel, that what makes a game fun, is the choice of options, and giving classes another something they can use, instead of something they should always use, is a step in that direction.

Similarly to my previous series, I have summarized all the posts in a single page, and a link to it can be found on the right (or simply here), under the name Healing Inspection.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as I have enjoyed creating and writing it (although it was exhausting at times), and now is the time for yet something else.

I am thinking achievements…

While a man can always look back at what he has achieved, the best vantage point is usually at the end of every journey.


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