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Not Just a Druid – An Arch One

November 27, 2008

Shifting Higher

Shifting Higher

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

If you read one of my two previous posts, there is really no need for another fancy exposition. If you haven’t, you are really forcing my hand. But well, I guess I have to give a short reminder anyways.


Ok, that might not be detailed enough…

Class-specific achievements.

Still vague?

Achievements, that having completed all of them, would prove your fellow players that you have mastered somewhat your class. It indicates you know where your various skills are, and are not afraid to use them, even when sometimes the achievement requires you to use them in a silly way.

Heck, it’s just another method to have some fun, and spend those dead hours when you don’t have anything better to do.

Did I mention it might grant the Archdruid title?

Those are achievements for Druids by the way, and they are coming up after this link.



Crusader’s Fame

November 22, 2008
Paladin's Ascension

Crusade for Ascension

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

The wheels are now set in motion. There is no way back.

Champions are marching the frozen plains, from Fjords and Tundras, up until they shall reach the Citadel.

They will face mortal perils, but also create tales of victory with their passage. It is during this journey, that from champions of different causes, they shall become true heroes.

On my previous post, I have detailed an extensive list of the different feats a Hunter must complete if he desires to prove his surroundings that he is a true Stalker.

The idea is pretty simple – one must show he has mastered the different skills, as only through those class mastery can be attained.

On this post, I will reveal my plans for the Paladin. What must he do to achieve a higher presence? Where should he fight to gain ascension? When will the day come, when one of his class can be named, Crusader?

The list of achievements follows.


Glory of the Stalker

November 17, 2008

More Than Just a Hunter

More Than Just a Hunter

This post is part of the For the Record series, which suggests new ideas for Achievements.

Champions! The time has come! The time for each of you to show his own worth! The time to achieve the titles you were born for.

The time for me to suggest class specific achievements. Such achievements, I hope, that can be implemented in a way that only those who know their classes well, will be able to attain them. And maybe, if Blizzard feels generous enough, achievements that, once completed, will grant the player his class-specific title.

I am going to start with the Hunter, for this is the class that yours truly knows as well as the palm of his hand. At least, it is the class I know the most from all the (now) ten options.

My plan is to create a list that encompasses most of the class’ skills, and even some of the talents. I suppose there will also be an achievement that requires achieving all the lesser ones, in order to gain the sought-after title.

Now, with no further ado, I shall present you with what a true hunter must reach, in order to become, the Stalker.


Mad about Herbs

November 14, 2008
*pick pick pick*

*pick pick pick*

There are two reasons why I am deviating from the topic I started previously. Wrath of the Lich King, and… Herbs.

Yesterday, I picked up my Wrath copy, and have been glued to my computer ever since. While I did take some breaks for the bear essentials, I did pass most of my time either in the Howling Fjords or following the (most excellent) Death Knight starter quest chain.

So far, this expansion is something extraordinary. I did enjoy The Burning Crusade very much, but on Northrend everything seems much more enjoyable.

The freshness in the air, it is truly exhilarating. Everything is taken as something that was never seen before, and the key word is fun. Quests, fights, professions… Everything is so much fun!

I’ve been playing on my Dwarven Hunter for quite a bit, but haven’t leveled past 70 yet. I think I did like 40 quests so far, and also ran through Utgarde Keep once, which brought me to 90% to level 71 or so. As a short break, I started a brand new Death Knight (also a Dwarf, because they just rule), and the quest chain until you join the forces of the Alliance is non-arguably one of the best the game has to offer. It ends with a movie-style ~2 minute scene which should never be missed, that even has voice acting!

What was it that prevented me from questing further, and reaching levels never seen before? The answer is often green, and has often a strong smell. No, it is not a filthy Horde Orc. The answer is herbs. But why did I prioritize herbs over experience?

Because I’m mad about herbs.

Want to know more?


For the Record

November 10, 2008
Achieve a Record

Achieve a Record

One was how to escape in PvP. Two was how to heal differently. What will three be?

Three will be a little different. It will be about a game within the game. About achievements.

People are going crazy about those. With over 700 different things to do, players can keep themselves busy for a long time.

While I think the number 700 is pretty hefty, offering enough to do for now, I must say I was rather disappointed that the big list has nothing that is class specific.

Sure, while proving the world that I am diligent enough to collect pets, recipes, mounts, tabards or money is something I could set my mind to, I would also like to prove the world I am a diligent [enter class here] too!

But for now, it seems Blizzard has kept the achievements as generic as possible. There is nothing class specific, and furthermore, nothing profession specific (except for the 3 secondary ones that everyone can have). Everyone can achieve from the same list, which is good in a way, but we could make it more fun.

I think they do plan to add class/profession specific achievements in the future (implied here and here), so I will spend some of my time for now, trying to figure out what those might be. If I bingo one of them, I demand a cookie!

In this post, I will warm up by inventing various achievements that are semi-class specific. In further posts, I plan to come up with a list of achievements each class can have for herself, specifically.

Read on.


A Serie Finalized: Healing Inspection

November 7, 2008

It all started in September, a couple of months ago. Healing was on my mind, and the plan was to see how it could be tended, to become something wilder, greater, and better.

Well, that was the plan at least.

In practice, I have learned alot how the different classes heal, and also where they lack. Somehow, during this healing journey, I have come up with different skills that could complement each of the healing specs.

In retrospect, some skills are perhaps better than others, but I think they are all useful in some way, and most important, different than anything else healers have so far.

I feel, that what makes a game fun, is the choice of options, and giving classes another something they can use, instead of something they should always use, is a step in that direction.

Similarly to my previous series, I have summarized all the posts in a single page, and a link to it can be found on the right (or simply here), under the name Healing Inspection.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as I have enjoyed creating and writing it (although it was exhausting at times), and now is the time for yet something else.

I am thinking achievements…

While a man can always look back at what he has achieved, the best vantage point is usually at the end of every journey.