Holy Champion – Further Development

The Holyguard

The Holyguard

This post is part of a series of posts titled Healing Inspection, which discusses healing abilities and styles.

I left my last post at a concept. The concept was that Holy Priests should be granted an improved state of survivability, which would be given in a form of some champion. Further discussion of that concept brought a few points, which stated a mechanism of damage sharing, and a boon to healing to compensate for the champion taking more harm overall.

On this post, the idea is to try and construct a working ability. I would like to warn in advance that it might be trickier than previous skills, for a reason that will shortly be revealed.

With no further exposition, I’d like to start with a draft.

On Draft

Allow me to break this into a few subtopics, this ability is a tad more complex than the usual suspects.

WTB Bodyguard

The first thing a Priest is going to decide once he uses this ability, is who is going to become his Holy Champion.

As the two will be sharing damage (but only in the Priest to Champion direction), becoming a Holy Champion is not necessarily something that the target will likely enjoy. Honestly, it is more for the Priest’s sake; the Champion is doing it for the team.

But, I’d like to be a little nicer than that, and to encourage people to accept championship, they will probably be granted a little boon for the effort.

One is the Loneliest Number

But what happens when the Priest is not in a group? Surely, he has no target for a champion.

And this is the reason for the trick. Holy Champion requires a different mechanic for solo play, or it becomes something useful for groups only.

While this will not be the only skill that has absolutely no use solo (Circle of Healing comes to mind), we should remember the goal for designing it. I wanted to give Holy some survivability, solo or grouped alike.

But how can we allow the Priest to share damage with someone that does not exist? I don’t think that we can. Actually, I couldn’t come up with anything so far to fix this little issue, but my best brain cells are working on it, and we apologize for the inconvenience (*wink*).

Tiny Note: Obviously, I could say that non-grouped this ability simply improved the Priest’s damage reduction by X percent, but that just sounds boring.

Can’t Touch This

Priest picks some party/raid member as his champion, party/raid tackles instance boss, boss decides he doesn’t like Priest and gives him a good smacking.

What do you do?

That is where the Priest-Champion link comes into action. The enemy hits the Priest, but a percent of this hit is transferred to the Champion instead. The trick now is to decide how high is this percentage. On the one hand, we’d like it to be enough to save the Priest from dying (not a very good ability otherwise); on the other hand, we don’t want it to cause the death of the champion.

Let’s start with the number 30. First, it is a fascinating number, but beyond that we can now do some math. Let’s take a decently geared level 70 Priest, which has about 7000 health points. If he’s sharing 30% of his damage with an external source, it means he can now take up to a 10,000 damage hit (after armor reduction).

Now we’re talking! But let’s remember that the remaining 3000 points of damage are not going away, but being transferred to the Champion. Since the Priest will now have to heal both himself and the Champion, some facilitation is required.

Let’s start with having the transferred damage be affected by the Champion’s armor. I am assuming that in most cases it would be someone with more armor, so the above mentioned 3k hit will probably be much lower on plate for example.

Pimp My Guard

So far, being a Priest’s champion is only beneficial to the Priest, and even harmful for the champion. In order to make this skill more desired by party members, it needs to be pimped somewhat, so to speak.

Actually, there are two areas where the skill requires some improvement.

  1. Buffing the champion, to compensate him for the extra damage he might be taking.
  2. Buffing the Priest’s healing, to compensate him for needing to heal two targets when he is attacked.

Luckily, I have a solution for both areas.

Healing first. When the Priest is hit, his first priority is healing himself, but he would also like to heal his champion. For this reason, the Priest-Champion link will not only share damage, but also heals. Whenever the Priest heals himself, the Champion is healed for 30% of the amount, over 6 seconds.

Now for buffing the champion. It would be logical that as a champion of the light, the Priest’s welfare is very important to him, and seeing his charge being harmed might enrage him.

So be it. Whenever the Priest is hit, the Champion goes into a rage, granting all his attacks an additional 2% damage bonus in a form of holy damage, for 6 seconds. This way, he benefits somewhat from his ally being wounded. Let’s just hope it won’t turn into some bizarre hobby of his.

Draft On

Combining everything I’ve written so far, I’m going to shape it into a working ability.


And voilà!

Holy Champion

Elects a party or raid target to become a Champion. Whenever the caster is taking damage, 30% is transferred to the Champion, and he becomes enraged for 6 seconds, increasing his damage by 2%. In addition, whenever the caster heals himself, the Champion is also healed for 30% of the amount over 6 seconds.  This effect can only be on one target at a time.

And that’s it! An almost finished skill. All that is now missing is the solo part, which I still need to think about.

If the reader has any suggestion, I’d gladly read and listen.

Sacrificed your life, for the person who granted it to you.
Why have you chosen this absurd path?
— Azalor Garoth to his dying son


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