Boon of Fortitude

This post is part of a series of posts titled Healing Inspection, which discusses healing abilities and styles.

There is a last class that remains to be covered.
Actually, there are two healing talent specs that remain.
To be honest, I didn’t consider this until the writing of these lines.

So far, when I have designed healing abilities, I was thinking those would probably be talents, so that non healing specs would not have access to them. This line of thought calls for Priests having a healing ability both for Holy and for Discipline.

And I admit, when I started writing this post today, I had a single idea in mind.

Now I have to decide whether it should be a Discipline or a Holy talent, then come up with another one for the other spec.


I think that Holy is more about tending for the masses, while Discipline is more the resilient combat Priest.

Under such descriptions, Boon of Fortitude is probably a Discipline talent.


Oh, didn’t I introduce you?

Reader, boon; boon, reader.

Boon of Fortitude

Draft: Boon of Fortitude

Appetizers and aperitifs after this small break, get to know each other.

In words.

Boon of Fortitude

(Instant, 40 sec. cooldown) Boons the target with fortitude, temporarily granting her TBD health for 5 seconds. After the effect expires, the health is lost.

Before I touch the TBD spot (To Be Decided), there are few noteworthy notes to note.

The Notes

  • This skill basically grants a Last Stand buff to a friendly target, only not as strong.
    i.e. The extra health will increase the target’s maximum health; if losing the extra health would cause the target to die, she remains with 1 health point.
  • This skill will not cause a global cooldown, but will be affected by it.
  • The buff will not stack, but refresh.
    i.e. Several Priests casting this on the same target will not cause her health pool to grow exponentially, but simply to last a little longer.

And now, to why does that 3 letter acronym exist in the skill’s tooltip, or what is not yet determined.

The Non-determinism

I am not yet sure by how much this skill should raise the target’s health.

There are a few options.

  1. By a fixed amount (e.g. … granting her 2250 health…).
  2. By some percentage of her maximum health (e.g. … granting her 15% of her maximum health…).
  3. By an attribute of the Priest (e.g. … granting her 25% of the caster’s maximum mana as health…).

Some pros and cons for each of the points.

  1. Pros: Affects all targets the same way; will probably scale with spell power.
    Cons: Feels too much like a reverse Power Word: Shield.
  2. Pros: Scales naturally; has the best effect where it matters the most – on the tank.
    Cons: Might have a very poor effect on targets will little health, such as casters.
  3. Pros: Affects all targets the same way; might encourage the Priest to invest in a specific stat.
    Cons: Might be unbalanced on certain game aspects (e.g. in PvP if based on the Priest’s health); might force the Priest to invest in stats he does not wish to.

To be honest, option (2) is the one I like the most so far, but its contra worries me a bit.

I know today’s post is rather short, but I have to sleep this over.

Nighty night.



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