Embrace of Nature

Embracing Nature

Embracing Nature

This post is part of a series of posts titled Healing Inspection, which discusses healing abilities and styles.

This one might be tricky. Tricky because Druids got changed quite a bit in WotLK, while other healers had their concept remains relatively conserved.

Druids used heals over time, almost all the time. Over time, such heals became so efficient, they were the only thing the Druid used. And yes, that was a pun right there (*self-satisfied grin*).

In Northrend, the all powerful Druid trademarked HoTs are being pushed aside by something quite new to the shapeshifting class, a flash heal-esque spell, healing moderately but cast rapidly.
The idea behind the addition is providing Druids with the tool to handle burst damage; and like any other good thing, it was provided with nerfs to compensate – diminishing the strength of the lovable Lifebloom.

Now, is it just me, or it is no longer so HoT in here?

But back to the Burning Crusade’s difficulty, when Druids had to struggle in keeping someone alive, when he was taking big amounts of damage, fast. There were times where a full stack of HoTs couldn’t outheal the incoming damage, Swiftmend was constantly being used, Regrowth was too expensive to spam, and Healing Touch was nerve-breakingly slow. For such a time, I had an idea in mind.

But Nourish was born out of the Beta servers, and with an evil twist of magical bits, it rendered my idea void. Vanish! Begone! Go back to the shadows, you shall not pass kind of thing you! (*calm down*).
Truly, it was no longer needed, so I decided to come up with something new.

From the title of this post, the clever can already guess what it would be named.
Embrace of Nature, and it is right there after the break.

Alright, so I sort of manipulated the entire introduction to speak about nothing new. I still wanted to convey that I had an idea in the past that I had to let go off.

I suspect you are still going to tell us about it

You read my mind. But only partially.

The goal was to grant a local boost to the Druid’s healing, for bursty encounters. The plan was to temporarily strengthen healing over time effects, but at the cost of diminishing direct heals. The thought was that the existing stacked HoTs would then be strong enough to handle the burst. The problem was that it would only strengthen Druids further in arena.
The relevance however is null, since Nourish is incoming for the exact same goal.

There, I haven’t told you exactly what it was, but now you still partially know.

Ok, what happens now?

Now I have to invent something new. Paladins and Shamans got something, it wouldn’t be fair for shapeshifters to return home empty handed (pawed/branched?).

The first step in coming up with a new skill is coming up with its name, which I already have – Embrace of Nature. Once you have a name, you can start fleshing out the details.

… (*boggles*)

Alright, that wasn’t exactly accurate. A much better technique is coming up with the details, then coming up with a name to suit them, and that is exactly what I have done.

Details, details. Coming up.

Please, hand us the details

As usual, let us start with the tooltip.

Embrace of Nature

Embrace of Nature

Embrace of Nature

(instant, 1 min. cooldown) The target is encased in a natural embrace, lasting 8 seconds. The embrace prevents the target from moving, reduces the threat of all her actions, but also increases healing effects on her by 15%, and reduces all damage taken by 10%.

Allow me to explain it a bit better.

  • It grants a friendly target a short lasting effect.
  • The target is encased by roots, preventing it from moving. This feature was added to prevent PvP abuse, since Druids are already the most mobile of all the different healers.
  • The target produces less threat while under the effect. This feature’s goal is to prevent the ability from being chain used on a tank, to render a fight easier.
  • The target suffers 10% less damage from all sources.
  • The target receives 15% more health from all healing effects.

Conceptually, this is an ability to use when a target is affected by excessive amounts of damage, and needs to be healed fast. It has a double action of increasing the healing and reducing further incoming harm at the same time. Its two drawbacks are the movement and threat reduction (while the latter could be a benefit on certain classes), making it a situational skill, but that’s okay since Druids already have bread and butter heals.

Are you going to review this?

Yes, I am. But not in this post. I have to delay my review to the next one.

Until then, you can think about the concept, and share your comments.

As you embrace the nature and your surrounding, you grant power to the world, of which you take part.
Ultimately, you power your own self.
— Jadehoof, Druid of the Frozen Leaf


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