All Under Heaven – The Next Generation

This post is part of a series of posts titled Healing Inspection, which discusses healing abilities and styles.

This is basically a take two on the design of the Paladin’s new healing ability.

On my last post, I came up with a healing concept whose purpose was helping the Paladin healer in fights having area of effect damage, but something went awry along the way. While I did explain all the pros and cons of my last innovation, I summarized it as not being the best solution to the problem at hand.

But I already have a little fix to this small issue. The idea stays the same, but the details are slightly changing.

Hold and behold, the next generation of All Under Heaven.

All Under Heaven

All Under Heaven

All Under Heaven

(Instant, 15 sec. cooldown) The enemy target is touched by divinity, causing her next attack to additionally heal 50% of the damage done, to up to 5 of the Paladin’s party or raid members within 15 yards. The heal is applied before the damage is done, and is completed over 3 seconds. Lasts 8 seconds.

Explanations coming in shortly.

Past Changes

How is the next generation version different than what I invented before?
The changes, patch notes style.

  • All Under Heaven no longer has a duration, but instead simply affects the target’s next attack. However, if no attack takes place within 8 seconds, the effect is canceled.
  • All Under Heaven now clones 50% of the damage as a heal (instead of 100%), but scales with the Paladin’s healing bonus.
  • All Under Heaven now heals over 3 seconds (instead of 9). There are actually going to be 4 ticks – one is immediate, and the remaining 3 are on every following second.
  • All Under Heaven now heals before the damage is done, thus is less likely to pick the main tank as one of the targets for the heal (it diminishes the chance the tank will be more wounded than the group).
  • Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Mana cost increased to discourage Paladins from using this ability whenever it is ready.

The Way It Should Be Used

I am not going to go into all the details similarly to other ability posts, for the concept didn’t change much. The way the heal should be used is different now though, and that is what I will cover.

In PvE

The idea now is, that whenever the party/raid has suffered area of effect damage, the Paladin will have this ability available for him to use. It is assumed that 50% of the enemy’s next hit will be in proportions to the AoE damage dealt, and the heal should cover most of the health lost.

As it takes full effect only 3 seconds after the enemy hits, one should prepare up to 6 seconds for the heal to complete (on cases the enemy has a 3 seconds swing timer). Since such a time is equivalent to casting Flash Heals on the wounded, I’d like to think the timing is good; additionally, All Under Heaven does allow the Paladin to perform other actions (while casting individual Flash Lights do not).

Because the heal takes effect before damage is done, there is a bigger chance that the group and not the tank will be selected for the heal. Theoretically, it can still be used as a main tank heal, but since the heal is applied before damage is done, it might be 25% less efficient (when the tank is close to full health) – the first healing tick will take effect before the tank is damaged – only 3 ticks will be relevant. The plan is for the spell’s mana cost to discourage such a use.

In PvP

In its current incarnation, All Under Heaven is much better for PvP than its previous version. It is more expensive to use, that is true, but that is the price for being able to use an ability more freely.

The Paladin should be able to target an hostile enemy before he lands a hit, to affect him with All Under Heaven. Unless the enemy team is quick enough to cleanse the debuff, or the target is vigilant enough to delay her attack, such an action will result in some of the Paladin’s team being healed.

Again, the idea is to have this ability used only when it is actually required, and not simply as a hindrance. A Paladin using this spell whenever its cooldown is up should empy his mana pool fairly quickly, for actual small amount of heals.

Following my past ideology, this ability is not failsafe. As enemies have several means to counter it (cleanse, delaying the attack, switching to the weakest attack or even simply burning down the Paladin), I do not consider it as overpowered. Of course, only actual testing can confirm my opinion.

The Spell Supremacy

And why do I think this form of the heal is better than the previous ones.

I’ll give a few reasons. The five its.

  1. It has a lower cooldown. Everybody loves short cooldowns. Everybody.
    It has become a proper Paladin’s heal instead of a panic button, which is a step in the right direction in my humble opinion.
  2. It is less prone to exploitation.
    It is not something that should be spammed every 15 seconds, but when it is really needed. You spam it – you pay for it.
  3. It is more intuitive to understand.
    No more average heal over time crap that only rocket scientists can understand. Now the duration of the heal over time is very short, and there is no stacking/refreshing issues. It simply heals once, before damage is applied; anybody can understand that, right?
  4. It works faster.
    Allies should be taken out of danger faster, allowing the Paladin to concentrate on what he does best, and that is main tank healing.
  5. It has a much cooler animation.
    Ok, it doesn’t. It should have exactly the same animation really.
    I shouldn’t have written this (*frown*).

All’s Well That Ends Well?

I can’t say for sure if this is a happy ending.

I can only try and hope that this design is more useful, and more fun to use than the previous one. I also hope that it isn’t exploitable.

If the reader has his own thoughts or comments, now is the time to voice them out.

The first step is to discover the error. The second it attempting to fix it.
Which may lead back to step number one.
And sometimes to infinity.


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