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Rīsan Maguš

July 31, 2008
arcanus, fȳr, forst

arcanus, fȳr, forst

This post is part of the Escaping the Crowds series, which focuses on escape mechanism for PvP.

(translation from Old English: Rise Mage, or at least, something close enough).

Let me start by reminding you all that we are still discussing Escape Mechanisms. I ditched the Escaping the Crowds, or [Something Clever Here] formula, for it had become rather plain and tedious.

But we are still talking within the same boundaries, thou shalt naught forget it.

We’ve realized that Druids got it going, and that Hunters are lagging a bit behind. Third class in line starts with the letter ‘M’, and conjures Arcane, Fire and Frost to its aid. Obviously enough, I’m referring to the Mage.

Arcane Missiles ? Check.
Fireballs ? Check.
Frostbolts ? Check.

A reliable way to escape ? Let’s see.



Umf, one slow day

July 30, 2008
Slow, but we'll get there

Slow, but we'll get there

Meh, I didn’t get to do much today.

I did intend to get back to work (those pain were getting better, and some PC time was allocated), but unintended delays popped out of nowhere.

Well… Not exactly nowhere, but things took longer than I have expected.

I was supposed to have a free hour before I go Karazhan with the guild, but what was estimated to take two hours, ended up taking three and a half so… No time for blogging tonight (*sigh*).

The Karazhan run however, was pretty good.

We don’t have the manpower to do a guild thing lately (curse that damn good weather and people’s wish to take vacations!), so we had to PuG some from the LFG channel. Quite surprisingly, things went very well.

No wipes.

Ok… One wipe, but it was forseen in advance. Due to popular demand, we attempted Nightbane with only 9 peeps online, just two healers, and horrible encounter setup.

It was great fun.

Back to topic though.
Do not despair !
I have some new ideas up my sleeve for future posts. I will make up for those last couple of days.

See you tomorrow.

So slow, that eventually it took me by surprise when it got there. Go figure.

Today: Out of Order

July 29, 2008
Not your day.

Not your day.

I don’t fancy doing this, but the blog is out of order today.

I got some chest pains that prevent me from sitting a long time on the computer, so I really better get some rest.

I hope some human technicians will be able to fix this problem as soon as possible. In any case, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

So basically, out of order is just a fancy definition of chaos.

Primal Roar

July 28, 2008

This post is part of the Escaping the Crowds series, which focuses on escape mechanism for PvP.

I have teased, you have been tantalized. I have promised, you were expecting. I assured it’s coming, you have prepared.

It was not in vain. After all, I am an honorable person. And here it is.

Hear me Rawr !

Hear me Rawr !

Primal Roar

(Instant, 1 min cooldown) The hunter lets out a primal roar, causing 5 enemies within 8 yards to be knocked back for 10 yards, and become dazed for 2 seconds.

A brand new, out of the box, still packed with that stress-relieving bubble wrap, shiny Hunter ability.

Take a moment, read its tool-tip.

Now take a seat, time to talk.


Hunter Hunted (part II) – Traps !

July 27, 2008

This post is part of the Escaping the Crowds series, which focuses on escape mechanism for PvP.

diligence |ˈdiləjəns|

careful and persistent work or effort.

And a trap it is.

And a trap it is.

I am feeling rather diligent right now (*big smile*). I have managed to write a post every single day since I reprimanded myself for not writing enough. Can’t say I don’t try.

I hope the guy keeps up the good work.

And… Back to topic.

A Hunter named John, and his pet named Doe are inside the arena. While Doe nibbles at the robes of some caster, John tries to keep a low profile while still shooting arrows/bullets. Unfortunately, Mr. nasty Rogue has spotted him, and is coming at his direction.

Don’t Panic ! Hm…

Actually, don’t be too calm either, this can mean trouble.

The Rogue is pretty close now, and John has to escape before Mr. N lands a combo point on him.

Argh ! Too late. bloody Sinister Strike at my back !

Stay calm, try to dodge and parry. No good, he’s going for a Shiv. And… Lord be great, we dodged that one.

It’s now or never, time to act.

We already established that our current arsenal isn’t that great to get ourselves out of trouble, so let’s explore more new possibilities.


Escaping the Crowds, or Hunter Hunted

July 26, 2008
Run Hunter, RUN!

Run Hunter, RUN!

This post is part of the Escaping the Crowds series, which focuses on escape mechanism for PvP.

Now, where was I ? Oh yes…

The hunters, or more to the point, the hunted.

They got the problems, I’ll supply the solutions. At least, I’ll be offering some ideas that might help.

We have established during the last post that Hunters lack two things – easy to use crowd control and a reliable enough escape mechanism.

Wait. I sense something. Something comes to mind.

Actually, more than one something. Let’s have a look.


Escaping the Crowds, or The One That Got Away

July 25, 2008
Laters, aligators.

Laters, aligators.

This post is part of the Escaping the Crowds series, which focuses on escape mechanism for PvP.

Yesterday I have listed a (rather long I’d say) compendium of abilities that help each class to survive incoming damage.

Today I’ll start to pinpoint which classes have the upper hand, and which might need a helping one.

I think we’ll have to consider an arena setup. In this setup, you’re fighting in a closed environment, for a limited duration of time. Moreover, you usually have some allies at your side, so delaying your opponent a bit will usually be enough to get some help.

Under such a setup, we’ll have to consider a few things.

  • Ability Cooldown. Abilities that can be used once a fight are obviously less effective than those that can be used multiple times over the duration.
  • Efficiency. Does the ability guarantee an escape ? To what extent ?
  • Ease of Use. Title says it all. Defining factors are if the ability is target-able, is cast quickly, requires facing the enemy, etc.

Let’s start with a class that is nowadays considered to be one of the best in arena survivability – the Druid.


Escaping the Crowds

July 24, 2008


New: The whole series is now summarized in a single page. You can see it here.

Wrath Beta is on the way. There is a ton of information flowing, anywhere you look. You can try and avoid it if you like, but you’ll never escape some whines. Some people whine so hard, you can hear them everywhere.

And oh, there seem to be alot people whine about.

But this isn’t about those people. This is about one of the topic they discuss.

I think a good place to start discussing balance in the game, is in PvP. Where players bash, dodge, counter-bash and counter-dodge each other, since the creation of the world (of Warcraft of course).

So PvP is about making sure your opponent bites the dust before you, and you have more or less two ways to increase your odds in doing that.

  1. Call forth the elements of destruction to your side, and make sure you are done with your foe as quickly as possible.
  2. Pray for the spirits of protection, hoping they’ll make you survive longer than the enemy.

Today (and in the upcoming days I think), I’d like to talk about what’s behind curtain number two.


Crowding for Control, the saga continues…

July 22, 2008

“A blogger is never late, he writes precisely when he means to”

Well, actually I personally discovered that writing a Blog requires more time than it appears. A post every 3 days is not exactly what I’m aiming for, we’ll have to see how things roll in the upcoming time.

Now, back to our topic, the crowd control of different classes. I detailed what TBC currently has in stock, let us review what the future holds.


Crowding for Control

July 19, 2008
None shall pass !

None shall pass !

You’re very popular, and you surely have a great crowd by now. Only problem is, you can’t actually control it, or maybe, control it well enough.

It all depends on how much class you got, or differently put, on your class.

Why ? Let me refine, shall I ?

Forgetting Wrath of the Lich King for a moment, its nifty new abilities, and the chilling new class of death knight, let us see what toys some got to play with.